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Bronze Package

Immerse in romance with our Bronze Pack—a serene beach, a setting sun painting the sky. Crafted exclusively for couples or families seeking intimacy and connection, it's a moment suspended in time.

From the comfortable 5 p.m. transfer, embark on a journey to a pristine beach. A meticulously decorated glamping tent awaits—a two-hour escape perfect for proposals, anniversaries, or simply making a day extraordinary.

Indulge in exquisite wine, savoring sunset views in our chic tent. Included: luxury transfers, secluded beach access, a chic glamping setup, two hours of intimate escape, and premium wine. Celebrate love with an extraordinary experience.

The Bronze Romantic Glamping Experience—luxurious, intimate, and designed for unforgettable escapes.

What's included in our Bronze Romantic Glamping Experience:  

Luxury Transfer:    

Comfortable air-conditioned transfer from your hotel at 5 p.m., ensuring a relaxed journey to your beach retreat.

Secluded Beach Location:    

Exclusive access to a pristine beach setting, providing a serene and private environment for your romantic escape.

Chic Glamping Tent:     

A thoughtfully decorated glamping tent, designed for sophistication and coziness, creating the perfect intimate atmosphere.

Two-Hour Escape:    

Enjoy a leisurely two-hour retreat, allowing ample time to savor the sunset, indulge in conversations, and create unforgettable memories.

Breathtaking Sunset Views:    

Witness the beauty of a stunning sunset, casting golden hues across the sky, providing a mesmerizing backdrop for your special moments.  

Exquisite Wine:   

Uncork a bottle of premium wine, enhancing the magic of the evening and adding a touch of sophistication to your experience.


2 people: 249€

3-4 people: 100€/person

5-8 people: 80€/person    

Duration: 2 hours

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